Monday, February 22, 2010

Today's picture(s) - Outdoor and Indoor Seating

Late afternoon sunlight:

porch swing

living room chair


  1. Well, if it was warm enough, my choice would be the porch swing! If not - the armchair looks cosy, too.

  2. How nice to see the sunshine. Sadly lacking over here at the moment; we're living in murk.

  3. You have sunshine!! I love that glow during the "Golden Hour."

  4. Your indoor chair looks much warmer at this moment.

  5. They are calling for rain and snow...I think I would like to be sitting on the indoor chair with a cup of tea and a good book. Of course if it snows a lot I would have to change the tea for wine.

  6. oops I forgot to say that I am doing NH reads, this is my first time participating. I am loving To Kill a Mockingbird so much more than I did when I read it the first time a thousand billion years ago!
    And, I love the bog you suggested. Thanks.

  7. Something magical happens when you settle into a porch swing with a good book.

    I can envision you curled up with one of your zillion favorites in hand.

    Read on!

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  8. Yesterday was so beautiful, Librarian. The light, the air both whispered, 'spring.'

    Call Me Madam, We've had sun and sun almost everyday this month. And no real snow since January. We're supposed to get something this week - snow or rain?

    Les, it was just lovely. And I just wrote, we've had so much sun. Even if there were little flurries in the morning, by afternoon it was sunny. Amazing.

    Lisa, it was so nice yesterday I did sit on the porch swing for a while.

    Yeah, Hip Chick, I wonder what we'll get. Or *if* we'll get anything. That's so great about the book! And I was quite sure you'd like that blog.

    Sharon, I love that - 'zillion favorites!'


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