Sunday, October 11, 2009

Urge for Going sung by Tom Rush

'See the geese in chevron flight
flapping and racing on before the snow'

Urge for Going written by Joni Mitchell, sung by Tom Rush.


  1. I suffer from this urge every September. The autumn is my favourite time to travel.

  2. So, do you act on it or stay home, Pamela?

  3. Love the photo of those birds and the song, Nan. We often get that urge, too.

  4. Not sure if I'd ever want to leave Hawaii, Kay!

  5. Hello from a big Tom Rush fan! I've been following him since he performed years ago in Harvard Sq. He's still got it! His current shows are so funny and wonderful. "Urge for Going" still brings wanderlust to my soul and tears to my eyes.

  6. I saw the largest goose formation the other day when we visiting our youngest for family weekend at college. Had never seen anything so large.

    The book that you recommended by Sarah Stewart - The Gardner - was very good and is on my list as a must read for my class.

  7. Cape Cod Kitty, thank you so much for writing. I'm kicking myself because I didn't go to a local show a while back. :<(

    Jodi, Gosh, I think it is The Library that I reviewed. I own The Gardener and have meant to write about it. They are both wonderful books.


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