Friday, June 26, 2009

Today's picture/Strawberries and cream


  1. Absolutely gorgeous...I would like some now!! Beautiful header photo too!

  2. Oh delicious Nan. My son, daughter-in law and 3 grandchildren are visiting from Australia at the moment, they had strawberries and cream and said that the strawberries here in the U.K taste quite different to the Australian ones, ours are much nicer apparently. I'm sure yours are good too.

  3. Hi Nan: Isn't this time of year wonderful, beautiful flowers, and fresh berries. Who could ask for more, food for the body and food for the soul.

  4. Nothing better.
    This is my desert island food. You know, "what would you want to eat if you were stranded on a desert island?"

    Always, always, strawberries and cream!

  5. Thanks everyone for stopping by. The 'cream' I use is always whipped in the blender with a little honey. Here is a version with chocolate whipped cream:


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