Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Stroll/June 7

I haven't taken a weekly stroll through the garden in too long. Today will be a good chance to catch up with what is going on in my little corner of the world. First off - all the raised beds are completed and in place. I showed you photos of the first four, and here are the remaining four.

Yellow beans - we've divided the bed into thirds, and will plant more seeds in 10 day intervals
A tomato plant given to Tom by a friend, cucumbers in the middle, and some cosmos we started under lights
Sweet peas (left) and peas
Zephyr summer squash
And now for the flower gardens. Not too much is in bloom right now. The lilacs and lilies-of-the-valley have just gone by. The iris, aquilegia, lupines, and poppy have budded.

The first spiderwort (remember Henry Mitchell's correct pronunciation!)
Oregano, a perennial I just planted last year - I might transplant it into the vegetable garden now that we've got the raised beds.

The crabapple still has beautiful flowers. I love the pink with the smooth gray of the branches
Pansies and pot are a gift from Tom's mom
Centaurea montana known as Mountain Bluet, Perennial Cornflower, or Perennial Bachelor's Button

Please do visit Aisling, and see who else is taking a stroll this day.


  1. I can't wait to see those raised beds overflowing with summer bounty! We have both raised beds and a big veggie garden with rows.

    I love the color of the bluets, and like you, love the soft pink of the crabapple blossoms with the gray branches. So pretty!

    I'm very glad you shared your walk through your gardens today!

  2. Thanks for the peek at your gardens! I, too, am trying to incorporate flowers into my veggies this year.

  3. Everything is looking just lovely.
    My Spiderwort has almost finished blooming, but we are in a different planting zone than you.
    I love your adirondack chair, so comfortable but ooh so hard to raise out of, when you get a little older ;)
    Lovely post !

  4. Oh it all looks so pretty. I love bacheler's buttons. I was at Prescott park in Portsmouth, N.H. over the weekend and the bacheler's button's were beautiful.

  5. Sunday Stroll...a very nice idea. It's late in the day here and also cold and raining. Maybe next time I'll join in. Tom's mom has good taste in pots! Your Oregano looks to be a very handsome plant and I do love the Bachelor's Button. It's always such a sweet pleasure to read your blog posts.

  6. I love your crabapple tree -- what variety is it? My husband and I looked around this spring for a crabapple we could both agree on to plant in the backyard, and yours combines his desire for nice bark with my desire for lighter pink flowers...

  7. Looks like the garden is coming along and your flowers are always beautiful, but with that inviting Adirondack chair on the porch I'd be tempted to sit and read all afternoon ;-) Thanks for sharing your stroll!

  8. Lovely! Our gardens (I'm in southern England) are well ahead of yours; I've just cut down the last of the aquilegias. I looked back at your Henry Mitchell post, which must have appeared before I started reading your blog. I love The Essential Earthman and think it's one of the best gardening books ever. Thank you for reminding me of it.

  9. Your garden looks like it is geared up for summer. I love the raised beds. I always think I might would like some but never get around to making them. My veggie garden consists of a topsy turvey with one tomato in it. ha.. The pot that your mil gave you is so nice. I've not seen one like that. I bet it looks nice out there greeting people.

  10. Nan, the raised beds and flowers look great!

  11. Your blog banner is just heavenly! Would love to sit there and read a book!!!!!!! Yummy!

  12. Nice to find you strolling again, your gardens look very promising. Lovely flowers, too.

  13. Aisling, I don't have any raised beds for flowers, just in the veg garden. We are beyond thrilled. It is so easy to weed and water in them. You can do one at a time or whatever you have time for. Thank you for your nice comments.

    Farmer's Daughter, I like flowers among the veggies. I just started doing it a couple years ago, and now it will be even easier with the raised beds.

    Brit in TN, my spiderwort blooms all summer, off and on. I'll think it has gone by and then more flowers come. And even if it never bloomed, I'd love the plant just for the leaves!

    Hip Chick, I love that park! I bet it was just gorgeous.

    Donna, I hope you clicked on the link at the end of the post. It is Aisling who came up with this wonderful Sunday Stroll. I love seeing the gardens. And what a nice thing to say!!

    Kiirstin, I am sorry but I have no idea of the name. It has bloomed much longer than the wilder crabs on our land. Hope you can find one you love.

    JoAnn, I hope to do that very thing today! I've just vacuumed the house, and it will be perfect to spend some time reading.

    Call Me Madam, I'm so pleased you went back and read the words of Henry M. And so glad to hear of your love for him. I was enchanted with his writing. I've only read One Man's Garden. I have On Gardening on the shelf, and will try and read the one you noted next year.

    Lisa, as I've written, it is with many thanks to Carol at May Dreams that we finally did it! We can't believe how great they are, and one or both of us comments nearly every day about the raised beds! Maybe you could build one, and try it to see what you think??

    Thanks, Sherri. This is kind of a quiet time as far as flowers go, but by next week there should be more blooms.

    Laura, thank you! I hope to sit down there today!

    Margaret, thanks. I hope to go visit the other strollers later today. It is such a delightful idea Aisling had.

  14. Hi Nan! Love the header photo. I can't wait to see everything in those raised beds growing!

  15. Thanks, Tara! Everything so far seems to be growing just great. The onions, leeks, shallots, and garlic which were planted earlier, are tall and healthy. I had my first scallions the other night.

  16. I love your raised gardens and am inspired to create my own!
    I also love visiting and enjoying that cosy corner with your pretty blue chair. I have invited friends to visit your blog and to enjoy it with me!
    I was wondering if you remember what colour your chair is painted. It looks like a robin's egg blue...just so soft and feminine!
    Thanks for the pleasure of visiting here!
    Joanne in Ontario

  17. Joanne, I just looked at the LL Bean catalogue and they've changed the colors. Now, 'aqua' is the closest, but really it isn't at all what mine are. I can't remember what name was given to them either. I hate it when companies change, and wonder if it is just to have something 'new.' Thanks for your nice words.


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