Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Quote du jour/Mary Russell Mitford

It has pleased Providence to preserve to me my calmness of mind, clearness of intellect, my cheerfulness, and my enjoyment of little things.
Mary Russell Mitford (1787-1855)


  1. Nan - your rose photo is so beautiful, wow!!!

  2. I love the quote and the rose banner. If you want to see me amid my voracious rose logon to
    I need help!

  3. Pamela, these words were a chapter heading in my current book, Jane's Parlour by O. Douglas. I keep thinking how very much you would love this book.

    Thank you so much, Blessed with Four.

    Commonweeder, it is a William Baffin rose. Do you have one?? I'll be right over. :<)

  4. Sigh. I don't know about the calmness of mind part, but OH! I do enjoy the little things. And thanks for stopping by over my way to commiserate about the weather and the ticks. I had to laugh when I clicked through to your tick photo. EGADS! If Blossom had THAT on her, even the new tick scoop would not have been a comfort. Always enjoy your blog and your visits at mine...

  5. June, just after I wrote to you, Tom found a big, swollen one walking on the living room rug. Must have had its fill off one of the poor dogs, and then dropped off. YUCK. Thanks for your nice words, and I feel the same.

  6. I envy her state of mind, but I do love the little things. I have never read her, but I believe she didn't have the easiest father!
    Lovely rose, I always think roses give such a lot, all flowers do, but roses are so special.
    I think Google has allowed me in again!!!!!

  7. I hope someday I can say the same. Love all those flower photos.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing that quote - I have just copied it out on a card for my mother - currently extremely ill with cancer, but the same words could have been written about her....
    Thanks also for linking to my Blog - I do so appreciate it - and will enjoy catching up with yours.
    All good wishes,
    x Elspeth

  9. Carole, her book, Our Village, is free online. Here's the link:

    We could read it together if you like!

    Me, too, KSV. I've got the last one down easy. :<)

    Elspeth, I'm so sorry about your mother. I greatly enjoy your blog, and visit as often as I can.

  10. Ernestine, thank you. The rose has been replaced by a peony now. I'm switching more often now that there are so many flowers to choose from. :<)


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