Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tom's Farm and Weather Journal - Easter

Sunday, 8:30 AM
Temp. 24ºF
Wind from NW 20 mph
I can see my breath
The ground is hard


  1. And to you, Joyce from both Tom and Nan!

  2. Wishing everyone at the hill farm a joyous Easter Day and Easter Week.

  3. And to you and the Chap and those pups, Margaret!

  4. 24 degrees -- Brrrr! (Not that it's much warmer on this sunny but very windy day in NYC.) Happy Easter!

  5. Thanks, Karen, and the same to you!

  6. Sunny and quite warm here in the Cotswolds. A very Happy Easter to you both.


  7. Not surprised, Carole. That's why we'd like to be in England in April. :<) And a Happy Easter to you, too!

  8. Here in Torbay, Devon its around 14C which is around 58F - 60F, and it would be warmer if it wasn't for a strong breeze off the sea. We've had a lovely Easter Monday ... we had a stroll, this morning, along the sea front where there was the annual French Market which comes to these shores from Brittany. Bought olives, some smoked saucisson with walnut, creamy blue cheese, and some dried ginger.) It was all quite expensive, but as Dorcas Lane might've said in Lark Rise to Candleford, it was my "one weakness"! Unfortunately, the bread van which bakes and sells fresh, hot French bread wasn't there (perhaps they'd made sufficient profit to nip back to France early!) but we had our olives, cheese, sausage, etc, for lunch, with some good old English granary bread instead!
    Margaret Powling

  9. Happy Easter Tom and Nan. It was cool and windy here. No snow and the rain held off until evening.

  10. Yesterday was lovely, but it's cold and dreary today. A very late Spring here, I'm afraid. But things are blooming and beautiful.

    Re you new header....Apple caught her very first one on Saturday. She is beside herself with pride!!

  11. Thanks for writing, all of you.

  12. and yet there were people in church wearing sandals! Sleevless dresses! Ah, Easter outfits. (I had a very pretty spring-colorful WARM sweater on over my top, brrr).
    Happy belated Easter.

  13. Susan, all my life I've seen 'Easter clothes' in ads or photographs, and around here it is most always cold. Not always - there is an occasional warm-ish Easter but not often. :<) Sandals!!


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