Thursday, April 5, 2007

Quote du jour/Mrs Bale

So, this is April??
Mrs Bale

Mrs Bale says this isn't a good drying day.

But it is a very good day to wrestle in the snow.

Photos courtesy of the teacher-with-a-snow-day.


  1. The first two pictures made me laugh! It's not snowing here (yet), but it's cold and dreary. I have the A/C service man coming to do a seasonal check-up on the A/C, which now seems a bit premature at this point. As soon as he leaves, I'm turning the heat back up!

  2. Weren't those wonderful! I was so pleased. We'll be burning wood and turning up the oil heat for quite a while yet. Then it will suddenly turn 70º and that will be that. :<)


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