Monday, April 9, 2007

Mrs Bale cries uncle and aunt and cousin

I'm not going to post any more pictures of snow. We have snow; it is snowing. That is all.


  1. Oh, dear. We don't have snow, but it's been so cold all the poor plants and trees are looking very sad. I doubt the lilacs will bloom this year. :( My tulips are on the ground, looking very forlorn. We're due to get snow on Friday and Saturday. Unbelievable. Sigh.

  2. That is a total pip!!!!! We don't have snow, but we have extreme cold! By the way, The Penderwicks is now on my radar! Hope to get it while on vacation! The reviews were very good!

  3. Sorry, you two, that the weather isn't so great/springlike where you are either. I think I heard (though I try not to listen) that we are having snow flurries all week.

    Laura, I am loving The Penderwicks so far.

  4. Nan, We have snow here too, but at least today the sun is shining and some patches of grass are showing through. Yay! :)


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