Monday, April 27, 2009

A blogger on the radio!

When I saw the title of Cornflower's blog entry, 'Cornflower live', this morning on my sidebar, I had to rush over. Well, she is indeed live on the radio, and we can all listen. Go here and follow the link.

Or you may follow the steps:





On four, click listen.


  1. I'm glad I agreed to take part, Nan, but I daren't listen to it now for fear of thinking "oh, if only I'd said....", etc!

  2. No fear, Karen. You were eloquent. You expressed yourself beautifully and perfectly!

  3. I listened and I agree, Nan. Karen sounded very articulate and intelligent. I'd probably stumble over my thoughts and words, hoping to crawl under my chair and hide. :)

  4. me too, Les. I also might have gotten angry at the newspaper reviewer. :<)


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