Saturday, May 6, 2023

Today's picture and Quote du jour - Moonlight

 Last evening as I went up to bed, the (full) moonlight was streaming in the windows, and I thought about Emily's line in the Thornton Wilder play, Our Town. I don't seem to have a copy in the house, and couldn't find the whole play online. I did find the quote, but hoped to get more context. I think she was doing her homework, and maybe talking to her boyfriend out the window. But I could be way off.

"My, isn't the moonlight terrible"

This was taken with no flash at 10:24 pm.


  1. I got up at 3 a.m. (because I drank too much water before heading to bed!) and looked out our kitchen window. It was like daylight, if a fox or possom or whatever was roaming I would have seen it clear as day!

  2. That is bright! I have a book of Wilder's plays but Our Town's not in it so I'm no help. I couldn't help think of the movie Moonstruck with Cher and Nicholas Cage and the wonderful Olympia Dukakis. The full moon was such a theme in it, the way I remember it was as a symbol of romance and something wonderful about to happen although with aspects of pain. I used to keep an index card taped up on a bookshelf with the name Gladys Taber called all the full moons (from Native American names) but in a decluttering mood filed it away somewhere, never to be found again...just looked it up, the Full Flower Moon!

    1. Oh, yes, I adore that movie!
      FFM is just what my desk calendar from The Old Farmer's Almanac calls it. Let's see, I do have daffodils and violets in full flower. You must have more than that!

  3. Ah, the old meaning of "terrible," perhaps -- inspiring terror. Maybe it's just me, a little stunned to be emerging from winter, but this last full moon seemed particularly bright.


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