Wednesday, May 4, 2022

First flowers in the spring flower CSA

 This year we ordered another spring flower CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) from the woman who lives in our town. You may read about her from last year, here. She just recently had a baby girl, and is still doing as much as she can on the flower farm, with the help of her husband. She is skipping the farmers' market this year, and "just" doing the weddings which are lined up! Wonder woman, indeed.

Anyhow, the first spring CSA bouquet was available today. Almost all tulips, and three poppies. 

And a few minutes later, they opened!


  1. The CSA I subscribed to with my daughter offers pick your own flowers during the summer. Your bouquet adds a touch of spring to the house. Now she must have a hot house to grow tulips that are flowering now.

  2. Tulips are amazing like that, aren‘t they!
    It is lovely to see your mother‘s vase again.

  3. The tulips are lovely but the poppies are my favorite.

  4. Those are lovely! I was staying in a friend's apartment in NYC last weekend while she was out of town, and I bought some red and white speckled carnations that looked so pretty and about to open in the shop, then like nothing when I put then in a vase! I was so disappointed. I wonder if there are any flowers CSAs near me?


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