Saturday, September 11, 2021

Two CSAs

You may know that I have been buying flowers from a local flower farmer for several years. Under "letter topics" there is a Flower CSA, and my first post was June 29, 2016.  The idea of a CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, is to provide money upfront for the farmer to use. 

As may be obvious, I haven't posted as much this year, and the CSA postings have been non-existent. I am going to try and remedy that situation now, in one long posting of the glorious flowers I have enjoyed.

This batch is from another farm that started in the past few years. She grows flowers, and she bakes. Her wares are available at the local farmers' market. This is her first year of offering a CSA, and I was delighted with the spring blooms. Not only are the flowers wonderful, but I love the brown paper "tied up with strings" (The Sound of Music). 

April 28

May 5

May 12

May 19

And this year's weekly flowers from the original woman. We have rather a lot of women farmers in a few local towns. Most of them are relatively new, and they have been such a wonderful addition to our communities. 

August 4 

August 11 and 18

I couldn't load because my camera was set on "live" - won't do that again!

August 25

September 1

September 8

And there we are. Weeks and weeks of such beauty! 


  1. Such beautiful flowers! We have a local farm stand where she puts out the most colorful zinnias, about a dozen in all colors for $2. I love them.

    1. The second CSA farmer also has a farmstand, and is also at the farmers' market. I think that next year I will get her flowers one of those ways rather than the CSA. But the first farmer, I want to keep because I love her tulips and poppies!

  2. Beautiful flowers. I love your reference to the sound of music!

  3. These are simply gorgeous, all of them! Just looking at the pictures would brighten up any dull day; not that we‘re having dull days right now, but one can always do with a bit of brightening up, right? :-)

  4. Beautiful! I wish we could get fresh local flowers like that; I'd spend a fortune:-)
    I noticed the May daffodils. Ours are all over by then.

  5. Not too much small-scale flower farming around here, but some good farm shops selling a wide range of locally produced veg and flowers. I can never resist buying a few daffodils at the beginning of spring.

  6. Thank you for adding a dose of beauty to my blog reading today, Nan!

  7. I love seeing all of these beautiful bouquets. Such a wonderful variety of colors and textures. My favorite photo is the one of your kitchen window with all the vases on your windowsill. Such a cheerful sight!

  8. These gave me such a lift to see! Thank you for sharing them.

  9. Goodness, these are spectacularly beautiful! That kitchen window assortment is especially nice. I enjoy the glimpses of your rooms in the background, too. Thank you for sharing!


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