Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Today's Christmas song - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Occasionally, I look back at my blog and see that some of the old videos have disappeared. I'm going to make a little attempt to put them up again when I find them gone. This one is from Darlene Love's last Christmas appearance on Letterman with her classic Christmas song. If you don't know this woman, you may read more here. You may also remember her as Danny Glover's wife in the Lethal Weapon movies!

I originally posted this on December 20, 2014. I think YouTube has come a long way since then, and videos stay up longer now.


  1. I didn't know she was a singer, and a wonderful singer, too! I love that song.

    And that gorgeous dress! I just realized, she's singing on top of the piano!

    I've been looking at old youtube Christmas songs too, looking for an old Neil Diamond song from his Christmas special decades ago. Found it but now trying to remember how to embed it on a post. Will try it soon and see what happens.

    Your song is going to stay in my mind all evening! Whoo!

  2. That is some performance! Thank you for posting it.


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