Thursday, January 4, 2018

Books Read in 2018

April -

17. Who Killed Stella Pomeroy aka Death in the Bathroom - book 6 in the Inspector Richardson series by Basil Thomson
mystery 1936
finished 4/9/18
English writer/Set in England

March - 4

16. The Dartmoor Enigma aka Richardson Solves a Dartmoor Mystery - book 5 in the Inspector Richardson series
by Basil Thomson
mystery 1935
finished 3/29/18
English writer/Set in England

15. The Case of the Dead Diplomat aka Richardson Goes Abroad - book 4 in the Inspector Richardson series
by Basil Thomson
mystery 1935
finished 3/17/18
English writer/Set in England

14. The Diary of Tow Nobodies
by Giles Wood and Mary Killen
Illustrations by Giles Wood
nonfiction 2017
finished 3/14/18
English writers (Mary born in Northern Ireland)/Set in England

13. Murder on the Bus - book 4 in the Inspector Cuthbert Higgins series
by Cecil Freeman Gregg
mystery 1930
finished 3/3/18
English writer/Set in England

February - 5

12. Stir It Up!
by Ramin Ganeshram
young adult fiction 2011
finished 2/26/18
US writer/Set in the US

11. Dear Susan
Letters to a Niece
by Ben Hartley
nonfiction 2011
finished 2/22/18
English writer/Set in England

10. Snowblind - book 1 in the Dark Iceland series
by Ragnar Jonasson
translated by Quentin Bates
crime fiction 2015 (it is billed as a thriller but I think it is really more police procedural, so I'm going to stick with crime fiction)
finished 2/21/18
Icelandic writer/Set in Iceland

9. A Far Cry From Kensington
by Muriel Spark
fiction 1988
finished 2/7/18
Scottish writer/Set in England

8. Mrs. Mike
The Story of Katherine Mary Flannigan
by Benedict and Nancy Freedman
fiction 1947
finished 2/5/18
US writers/Set in Canada (with a tiny bit in Boston)

January - 7

7. Silence - book 3 in the Inspector Celcius Daly series
by Anthony J. Quinn
crime fiction 2015 (first time I've used this term, I think. A better description than mystery)
finished 1/31/18
Irish writer/Set in Ireland

6. After the Wake: Twenty-One Prose Works Including Previously Unpublished Material
by Brendan Behan
fiction and nonfiction published posthumously 1981
finished 1/26/18
Irish writer/Set in Ireland (mostly)

5. Him & Me
by Michael & Jack Whitehall
nonfiction 2013
finished 1/22/18
English writers/Set in England (with a few vacation spots)

4. Blandings Castle
by PG Wodehouse
fiction - short story collection 1935
finished 1/21/18
English writer who moved to the US/Set in England and US

3. Whale of a Crime - book 7 in the Gray Whale Inn series
by Karen MacInerney
mystery 2017
finished 1/13/18
US writer/Set in US

2. The Young Clementina
by DE Stevenson
fiction 1935
finished 1/8/18
Scottish writer/Set in England

1. Brooklyn Wars - book 4 in the Erica Donato series
by Triss Stein
mystery 2017
finished 1/4/18
US writer/Set in US

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