Monday, August 28, 2017

Pictures of Grammies

I thought after yesterday's posting I would put up some pictures of my grandmothers.

My paternal grandmother holding little 15-month-old me in 1949. You can see the stockings and shoes. And check out that hat!

1961, on the right. It is that placid, kind expression I remember best. She lived another eight years and died at 97, I believe. She is with her first born child, Effie. Are there any Effies anymore??

My maternal grandmother in 1929, still in the thick of raising her ten kids. At this point her oldest was in his twenties and her youngest was four. Unbelievable.

In 1961. Much the same sort of dress as thirty years earlier. She died four years after this photo, at 81.


  1. What wonderful memories, I love the old photos. Your blog header is mighty pretty too.

  2. What fun to have these old photos. They remind me of my Grandmother too. I barely knew my paternal grandmother and my maternal grandmother died when my Mom was 8.

    1. I do love the pictures. How very sad for your mother.

  3. This generation (the baby boomers) seem so much younger than their forebears, don't they Nan? We really don't know how lucky we are. Better general health, not quite so much hard work - and yet, and yet....... Your grandparents lived to ripe old ages!

  4. Great Pictures, thank you for sharing them! When I read about your grandmothers, all of a sudden I miss mine very much. I must admit I have not been thinking about her in a while, but she was VERY present throughout my childhood and youth, and it was great to live nearby during those years.

  5. I love the old-fashioned grandmothers! They all had white or blued hair back then. It was a simpler time--well, maybe not, but at least they weren't encouraged to have plastic surgery.

  6. Wonderful photos! I'm inspired to do the same sort of post... I am lucky to have a 5-generation picture (my daughter, me, my mom, my grandmother and my great-grandmother). Good genes in this family of mine!


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