Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Blueberries - 2017 report

Last September I took note of the blueberries we bought from our neighbor. Today I froze the last batch of the 2017 season, and there is quite a striking difference from 2016.

Last year he picked from July 27 - August 28; this year July 31 - August 23. In 2016, we bought 61 quarts, and this year only 43 quarts. 18 fewer quarts than last year. We all attribute this to the very rainy spring.

Here is the breakdown for this summer.

July 31 - 3 quarts
August 2 - 3 quarts
August 3 - 2 quarts
August 5 - 3 quarts
August 7 - 4 quarts
August 9 - 3 quarts
August 11 - 5 quarts
August 12 - 2 quarts
August 14 - 3 quarts
August 15 - 2 quarts
August 16 - 2 quarts
August 17 - 2 quarts
August 18 - 2 quarts
August 21 - 4 quarts
August 23 - 3 quarts

Price was same as last year, $5.50 per quart, and worth every penny. Buying organic blueberries in the store costs a lot more, and they rarely come from the US. Serbia and Turkey, most often. These are as locally sourced as possible without growing them ourselves.


  1. Mine are locally sourced from our daughter's backyard (for a while -- when we go to Florida, now that we aren't RVers we can't take them with us!). But every time I go to the store this time of year I look at the cost and send extra thanks and mother-blessings their way (even more than usual of course).

    1. I love this. "mother-blessings" so dear. How long were you RVers?

  2. we had a good crop, but really need to build ourselves a mesh berry house...

    1. Do you mean that the birds eat them? Our neighbor has never said anything about problems with birds, but I'll ask him and see.

  3. Mine seem to come from Poland, heaven knows what will happen when Brexit is done. Blueberryless I expect. :-(

    1. Maybe there will be new blueberry farmers in England! I don't understand why more people in this country don't grow them.

  4. It's a bad year for blueberries here (wild ones that is), but I think I can pick some lingonberries in a couple of weeks.
    And I will get more pears than I can eat - but hardly any apples.


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