Tuesday, August 29, 2017

FaceTime fun

Even though the cousins see each other pretty often, it is still great fun for Hazel, Campbell, and Indy to FaceTime. What a great invention, especially for families that live far apart.


  1. Awwwww, sweet. They are growing up so fast.

  2. I think your lovely grandchildren are going to grow up to be as close as my two who're also cousins. Even though there is 6 years between them it seems not to matter, which is quite surprising as one is now 17, the other only 10. I have such lovely memories of Ruth as an 11 year old, when we went out for the day, holding on to 5 year old Scott's hand everywhere we went. Such joy.

  3. I can attest, FaceTime is great. Our grandchildren are able to see their cousins who live hundreds of miles away - and their grandparents. My cousin Ted and I are 26 days apart in age. We lived in the same house until we were 5, then lived next to each other. We are still close. Your three darling grands will be good friends, for sure.
    Love you header, Nan. Hollyhocks?

    1. Yes, hollyhocks! They came back on their own.

  4. And they will be so comfortable with technology -- which is good, I think!

  5. So sweet -- that's modern technology at its best!!

  6. Such a treat to be able to see someone while chatting. I love Facetime!


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