Sunday, July 3, 2016

Today's picture/Peony bouquets

Today I cleaned up my peony garden.

You may well ask, why should she subscribe to a flower CSA if she grows her own peonies? As I picked the last of them today, the answer was very clear; because mine are full of bugs - ants, earwigs, on and on. I don't want to bring them into the house.


  1. Ha, I read your blog title and expected to see peonies when I clicked onto your blog where up popped a daylily. A pretty one at that. I love your peonies too. Too bad they don't last longer. I love the smell and well, they are gorgeous.

    1. This time of year it is hard to decide what flower to put on the blog header! I could change it every day.

  2. It's such a shame about the insects on peonies because they are so beautiful - and if they're left in the garden the rain ruins them so soon. :-(

  3. I wouldn't want to bring the earwigs and ants into the house, either, but that is of course their true home, out in the garden.
    With my new grey wallpaper in the living room, I have been thinking of how wonderful pink peonies would look against it, but haven't bought any.

  4. Maybe it's some consolation that you're providing a beautiful home for all those crawlies? We like our bugs prolific and outdoors. Live and let live! :-)

  5. I love peonies, but we always seem to get heavy storms just as they're blooming.

  6. i remember back in our former life that our peonies which were beautiful attracted little tiny sugar ants. Such a disappointment as you are making a bouquet. i bet you know why this reminds me of Mrs Bucket and her eye roll!


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