Monday, September 14, 2015

Today's poem by Sara Clancy

When the test to predict Alzheimer's is available

I will be away from my desk
on a road trip to the Wind River Range. I will be drinking
coffee from a cardboard McDonald's cup. Or I will be home,
hanging Marianne's stained glass in the kitchen window or laundry
on a line. I will be kneading sour dough, writing poems or texting dog
pictures to my daughter. Straightening an oil painting of the three of us
in Manzanita, Oregon. Filling the hummingbird feeder. Reading an electronic
book published in 1813. Feeding my fish. Listening to Ladies of the Canyon.
I will be crocheting colors of my great grandmother into another new blanket.
Reminding my mother that she changed her password
and my father that I am his daughter
and my name is Sara. 

Sara Clancy
Kentucky Review 2014


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