Friday, September 11, 2015

Bidding farewell to Mrs. Appleyard

You may have noticed that Mrs. Appleyard hasn't made an appearance here since April. I have thought about the book a few times over the summer, but just didn't have time to sit down with it. At least I thought that was the reason. However, I did read seven print books during those months, so I clearly made a choice to read them instead of Mrs. Appleyard's Year. Today, while Hazel Nina was napping, I thought I would pick it up and read May through August and write a little blog post called 'catching up with Mrs. Appleyard.'

I began the May entry, and I just wasn't interested. I skipped ahead a bit, and I still had the same feeling. I think that what I felt was witty in the earlier chapters became tedious later on - as if the author were trying too hard to be cute. Over the years, I have read and enjoyed a few Mrs. A. books, but this is clearly not one of them, so I'm saying adieu to her and giving the book to a library sale.


  1. Sometimes one has to take consequences when one really can't get "into" a book. And you really have tried!

  2. Sometimes a book just does this to us. Carry on...

  3. Did you ever read Mrs. Appleyard and I? It's a memoir of Louise Andrews Kent and I really enjoyed it.


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