Sunday, March 23, 2014

Very strange

This is very, very strange. I am working on a blog post and plan to offer a link to a book report I wrote years ago on a Rick Bragg book. While I read over the book report, I decided the quotes should be a different color from what I originally used so they would stand out better. So I went into the post and did so. But when I clicked 'update' the post showed up as being written NOW. Weird, weird, weird.


  1. Enjoyed the post. Where I'm originally from used to be home to small sewing factories and even furniture factories. These are gone now. There were some cabinet factories there in recent years, but I don't know if any remain. One thing I know, you won't find harder workers or more honest people than in Southwestern Virginia.

  2. We used to have these sorts of places near us as well, but they have closed over the years.


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