Sunday, December 29, 2013

Today's poem by Elizabeth Yates

Post Christmas   

Do not try to hold it overlong,
this day that is the glory of the year.

Love it. Live in it while it lasts,
delight in all its gaiety and cheer.

Then let it pass with other days
into the pattern of the year's full chart,

only, as another in distant time,
keep fast its wonder to ponder in the heart.

Elizabeth Yates (1905-2001)
from Open the Door


  1. Lovely poem! We're taking our tree down today. We had a fun and exciting Christmas with the 7-year-old Grandboy and that joy will warm us all year long.

  2. The last part of your comment is the perfect companion to the poem. He is at a perfect age for Christmas!

  3. I like these sentiments. Just before Christmas Jim and I were wondering why we have so 'gone off' the holiday in the past years. We agreed that in part its because the 'season' goes on too long!

    1. People used to do it so differently. They shop in December, put up the tree around the 24th, and keep it up through the twelve days of Christmas.


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