Monday, December 12, 2011

Returning with a Today's Christmas cd

This is my favorite new album of the 2011 Christmas season. I had never heard of Joey and Rory, and just happened to see the cd listed at iTunes and bought it. Well, I bet we've played it ten times already. I'm going to offer two videos to show the range of the recording, from gentle and nostalgic to humorous. The website for this most engaging, delightful couple is here.


  1. Strangely enough, while the 2nd song plays perfectly alright for me, the 1st does not - on "legal grounds" it is not available in my country...
    Oh well, the 2nd one is a lot of fun, and although I can not imagine having Christmas in any other season than winter (life-long habit, I guess!), I am not keen on snow and cold myself and would swap that for a place at the pool any time :-)

  2. Sorry it didn't work, Librarian. I know nothing about these legalities! Weird. Glad you could see the fun second one, though.

    Yes! Pamela. You and the Songwriter would like these folks.

  3. unique and talented couple, love the music! Dare I buy yet another Christmas CD? The rule is 1 per year, not 4.....

  4. They are sweet! Uh-oh, they better not come up to my neck of the woods...snow is on the ground and more on its way! Have to say though, would not mind joining them by that pool.

  5. Niki, no rules! Buy it! You will love it, I'm quite sure. :<)

    An Anglo in Quebec, same here. I think I'd feel disoriented if I weren't in snow country at Christmastime.

  6. I've checked every store looking for this CD ~ Lucky lady, i'm jealous... :))))) I love them!

  7. Melody, it is available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and at iTunes.


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