Saturday, November 25, 2006

A wonder!

I was visiting a blog called biblio files, and saw music on her site. When I clicked, I could listen to Elvis Costello, or any of several others while I read her blog. I wrote and asked her how to do it, and she wrote back with all the info. It is a site called radio blog club. I did a search and found Feist, and added one of their songs to my Today's cd post. What a wonder! I can't believe how great this is. Now each time I post a cd cover, I'll put the music in the same post so you can hear for yourself. I'm shaking my head in amazement.


  1. Nan,

    Great idea. I have a song I've been wanting to add as background music for my blog. I had no idea how to do so. I'm going to check that radio blog club out. Thanks a bunch!

  2. Great blogging, Nan! I'm glad I can listen to your recommended music without having to jump over to Amazon to see if I can listen to it there. This is so convenient! You'll become a blogging addict yet. :)

  3. Wonderful feature, Nan! I hope you don't mind if I borrow the idea for my blog sometime. :-)


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