Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The view from my computer

I've always enjoyed seeing people's homes, and love the Rosamunde Pilcher quote from Winter Solstice:

"You never really got to know people properly until you had seen them within the ambiance of their own home. Seen their furniture and their books and the manner of their life-style."

Well, here is a little glimpse into my house. We recently rearranged our study so the computer table sits in a corner, looking out into the room. I like glancing up and looking out the windows for refreshment and inspiration. I have an interest in feng shui and seem to have a natural affinity for it. The "feel" of a room, of a home, even a business is very important to me.


  1. I love peeking inside your house. This would be one of my favorite places to sit in the late afternoon or very early morning. It feels cozy.

  2. Thanks, Les. The rearrangement has made such a big difference. Before, the computer table faced the wall and the windows were at my back. It just didn't have a good "feeling". Both those times of day are lovely in this room. Two of the windows face south, and the third faces west.


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