Sunday, March 9, 2014

Today's song/NICU at Nite (The Preemie Song) - Hugh Blumenfeld

Do you think I cried when I heard this? Whew. And every word is true. 

Our family's preemie miracle, Hazel Nina


  1. So sweet. Such a beautiful miracle. How lovely to have a special song.

  2. *sniffle sniffle* <3

  3. Precious!

    Gosh, I just love that photo of Miss Hazel. She's basking in the sunlight as she grins at the sun on her quilt. And those dimples! :)

  4. What a beautiful song. My daughter was 23 weeks and I wish I heard this then.

  5. My thanks to each of you for listening and taking the time to write. The preemie world is very special, and its members are linked by this event in their lives. There is great support. Margaret calls the other babies, 'Hazel's NICU buddies.'


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