Thursday, October 26, 2023

The Heavy Heavy - Go Down River (Live in Chicago)

Until (if?) I find my writing self again, I’ll post something from a newish band whose work I love. You may read more about them here. I delight in their sound which is reminiscent of older times, but also fresh and new. It is music that makes me feel uplifted and cheery. In the bio they make reference to some bands I love. "Peter Green - era Fleetwood Mac (my favorite period of that band), The Rolling Stones, British Invasion pop acts like The Hollies, and folk-blues Delaney and Bonnie." The last one is a group I was wild about, but they aren’t mentioned much anymore. I even bought Bonnie Bramlett’s album after Delaney died, and one by their daughter Bekka. And there were so many great British Invasion groups that I still listen to and get great joy from.



  1. Yes, I can hear all those influences in there and maybe a dash of Creedence Clearwater too. Good ol' music with haircuts to match!

    1. They are from England! And yes, to Creedence and the hair!

  2. Dear Nan, now that switching my browser to Chrome has let me be able to comment here on your blog as well as many others, I must tell you that I did read your posts when it looked as if I were absent but never could get my comments to publish. I read this one and listened to the music and once again was reminded that the gap in our ages means that much of the music you love was not of the time of this old fogey that I am but I'm glad you love it. I did, however, understand how you were feeling writing of losing/finding your writing self again. I lost mine too and tech problems made me give up. This last week brought a new feeling to me, that of thinking that maybe just housework and cooking might not be enough in these weeks of sad news and why not try the blog world again. We'll see how long it lasts as I'm not known for putting blogging as a priority. I hope that you'll once again be able to blog again, even if we can't really, in my case, write about those things in the news that make us despair of the times.

  3. We have the same taste in music and I love the video! Lovely blog header.

  4. Oh I love this! (It’s Susan your poet friend who can never figure out how to post with my name lol)


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