Thursday, October 29, 2015

Today's picture/regional foods

So pretty I had to take a picture. Only the avocados were from far away - Mexico, but organic and fair trade. The lettuce is hydroponically grown in the next state over.


  1. Fruit and veg make the best pictures! I think I want to eat guacamole this weekend... haven't made that in a while.

  2. I wondered, at first glance, where the avocados came from. :) We eat one or two a week. Love 'em!!

  3. Beautiful. I'd love to have pictures like this, or even a picture of, say, one perfect tomato ... On my kitchen walls. I think fruits and vegetables are beautiful. And it is really neat that these are all (almost) locally sourced.

  4. Hi Nan! If you look at the comments on my last post you'll see my friend Alison Bunting has written a long comment in response to yours about Guy Fawkes. (I don't think you would automatically get notified about this.)


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