Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What I Learned From TV - October 7

Each time I do a post about What I Learned From TV, I’ll begin with the explanation from the first posting:

Now that my kids are grown, and Tom has retired, I’ve been able to go back to my natural sleep pattern which is to stay up late and get up late. Tom’s natural rhythm is just the opposite. So, he’s the lark and I’m the owl. 

And what this owl does in the late hours is watch television- not in the traditional way but through HuluNetflixTunnelBear, and Acorn TV. Most of the shows are British, though I am a great fan of a few American television shows, and have been watching some from other countries now that we have TunnelBear. Some of these shows Tom will watch in the mornings, but some of them are all mine. So, when I hear a great quote from a show I know he’s not going to watch, I’ll leave him little post-it notes near the computer keyboard. I had a notion this morning to begin a new ‘letter topic’ called What I Learned From TV so I can put up some virtual post-its for you to read and, hopefully, enjoy. Some are funny, some are educational, some are wise.

First from Inspector Morse: Weddings and funerals - they loosen tongues in my experience. 

And echoed in Lewis: At funerals and weddings people tend to let their guard down.

From Bones: Bird droppings are extremely toxic. Bird guano's been known to carry more than 60 transmittable diseases.

From Longmire: History gets heavier the older you get.

From Lewis: Lewis says, "You know what I'm doing? I'm trying to think like Morse." To which Hathaway replies, "Does that mean we're going to the pub?"


  1. Yay for Lewis! And Longmire. And Bones. (Dare I confess that I've only watch 3 of the Morse episodes.) One day. I do need to go back and watch Lewis again. I love that show. Sure do hope that they make more.

  2. Kay, all the Morse shows are on Netflix streaming. SO, SO worth watching. I loved seeing them one after another. And now I'm doing the same with my Lewis dvds.

  3. I love the last one. A new series of Lewis has just started by the way.

    1. And I am SO psyched! Because of dear Tunnelbear I can watch it on itv. Yay! Tonight!

  4. Love this, Nan. These are great quotes from my TV favorites.

  5. I know all this and the quotes! Oh except for Bones, I don't watch that.
    I can't remember but I am sure you also watched "Endeavor"...please say that you did! I noticed that the young actor even did the same rolling gait that Morse did! Honestly, I do watch a LOT of British TV!!!

  6. Great quotes (and now I am going to be wary of bird droppings!)

  7. I wish they would show Lewis again on German telly; the last episode I watched was months ago!

  8. I always did like the way Inspector Morse thinks )))


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