Monday, December 29, 2014

November Reading

53. The Handsome Man's De Luxe Cafe - book 15 in the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series
by Alexander McCall Smith
fiction 2014
finished 11/1/14

I love this series, I love the characters, I love the setting. It is one of the most perfect reading experiences I've ever had. I can't believe this is the 15th book. AMS is a wonder. He is my age, and I am just astounded at all the writing he does along with his many other activities. 

54. Mystery in White
by Joseph Jefferson Farjeon
mystery 1937
finished 11/9/14

Have you heard about the British Library Crime Classics reprints? You may read more here. I am thrilled with the new-to-me reading opportunities! Mystery in White is the first one I've read, but I've bought a few others in paperback. I'm pretty sure I will end up buying them all. Beautiful covers and old mysteries. Heaven. 

I so enjoyed Mystery in White. It begins in one of my favorite settings for a mystery - a train, and then moves to another favorite setting, the English country house. The train is caught in a snowstorm and cannot go on. Five passengers get off to find another train, get lost, and find an abandoned house. It looks like whoever lived there left very quickly. And the reader is off on a little Christmas adventure. 

If the name Farjeon seems familiar it may be because his sister was Eleanor Farjeon, a writer of books for children, whose words I recently posted in a 'Book Passage' quote here. And she also wrote a very special song that is sung in churches, and was made famous by Cat Stevens, who is now known as Yusuf. 


November 2014

He put the song up on his Facebook page recently when a new grandchild was born. What life Eleanor Farjeon's 1931 song has all these years later!

55. Holiday Buzz - book 12 in the Coffeehouse Mysteries series 
by Cleo Coyle
mystery 2012
finished 11/12/14

In 2013 I made myself a reading schedule for the Coffeehouse Mysteries I hadn’t read yet so I would end up in November or December with Holiday Buzz. Well, that went out the window with the excitement of the pregnancies, then Margaret’s hospitalization and Hazel Nina’s early birth. So, this year I tried to catch up so I could read it this year and I did pretty well, except I haven’t read book 11 yet, A Brew to a Kill. I decided that if I wanted to read Holiday Buzz in time for the holidays, I wouldn’t make it unless I skipped ahead, something you may know I never like to do! But, because Cleo Coyle does such a good job catching the reader up on who’s who and how they fit into the story, it worked out okay. I'm happy in the company of these ongoing characters whose lives change a bit with each new book. Great series.

56. The Sands of Windee - book 2 in the Inspector Bonaparte series 
by Arthur Upfield
mystery 1931
finished 11/17/14

57. Wings Above the Diamantina - book 3 in the Inspector Bonaparte series
by Arthur Upfield
mystery 1936
finished 11/24/14

I briefly mentioned this series in my October Reading post. Many of us who read series books know the disappointment that may come with the second book, or the fifteenth. I just wrote about this with the Isabel Dalhousie books. Sometimes we go back, but sometimes we leave forever. As of this writing, I have now read nine books in this marvelous Australian series, and I can't imagine stopping until I finish. Much more in the December Reading post.


  1. Nan if you have a minute sometime could you send me a link to that Website you use that lists every series in the world in order? I thought I had a note somewhere but can't find it. Thank you so much.

    1. Fantastic Fiction:

  2. Oh! because you are reading older books, you are catching up with stuff that I read a long long time ago. Inspector Bonaparte! Isn't he an aborigine from Australia? I'm sure I'm right! For years I have tried to remember his name and here it is. Thank you Nan! Have you read the Maisie Dobbs books by Jacqueline Winspear? I love them, and wonder if you might?

    1. There's much more in the December reading post about 'Bony.'
      Yes, I've read Maisie and love her.

    2. Wow, Nan, I don't know how you get all this reading done with all the rest of the things you have to do. Thanks for posting those Cat Stevens songs too. I grew up on that song and didn't know it was by Eleanor Farejon. She was a big contributor to some of my favorite 1920s kids books, the Joy Street Annuals. Happy New Year to you and yours.

    3. Ha! And you, raising two kids, being a lawyer, AND writing a book. Honey, it's like I'm sleeping, here. :<)))
      I'm going to look into the Joy Street Annuals. Thanks. And the best of years to all of you!


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