Thursday, February 23, 2012

Today's poem by Chard deNiord

The Percherons

My sister and I went out to them with sugar
cubes and bridled their heads when they bent down
to eat from our palms. We led them over
to the long white fence on which we climbed
to the topmost rail, then threw our legs
across their backs, clutching the reins to steady
ourselves against their girth, steering them out
into the hills until we were lost, or thought
we were, only to find ourselves at Judith
Creek or Holcomb Rock where we’d turn back
in the early dark, gripping their manes, crouching
low, galloping hard on the high soft
road across the fields to the open barn.

Chard deNiord
from The Double Truth, 2011


  1. I love these horses...always wanted one!

  2. I do, too, and I loved this poem.

  3. Doesn't this sound like FUN!!! Love the top photo. What a handsome beast.

    1. It does. I wish I had had that experience in my childhood. 'gripping their manes' and 'galloping hard.'

  4. Replies
    1. It is a beautiful, beautiful horse, and I love this poem.

  5. Oh, this is so beautiful, Nan; the poem, the horse, the excitement of the ride. I have a friend who spent every summer of her childhood on her uncle's ranch in Colorado. Her mother, a widowed teacher, and Donna would take off on the last day of school and drive from Chicago to the ranch, in the fifties, where Donna would have the most wonderful time being a child. She tells of being able to ride an older horse to her heart's content. She would lead it out and get on by climbing up on a big rock. I need to show her this. Much thanks.

    1. Well, isn't that just the best story. Her summers were a poem! Donna will love this. I wish it had been my childhood. :<)

  6. Such a beautiful horse, i love horses, used to ride a lot and we had a couple of ponies when the children were little, can still feel the thrill of a gallop or the quietness of tacking up in the stable yard.
    Writing this on Saturday and hoping that you are having a lovely birthday and being very spoilt.

  7. I have never known the 'thrill of a gallop' and so wish I had. I took some lessons but never did anything outside of a ring. I think it's a wonderful way to grow up.
    And, thank you so much!!

  8. I like the images in this poem; I'm unfamiliar with horses, but I like to read about riding - there's a potential for a lot of beauty there.

    steering them out
    into the hills until we were lost, or thought
    we were

    It's funny but I've gotten that same feeling while taking long walks in a city. Thinking I was lost then coming to a familiar landmark. It's a feeling of excitement with an underlying security or sureness to it.


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