Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Today's picture/Cozy January afternoon

Nice warm wood stove.
A gripping book - The Circus Fire, nonfiction by Stewart O'Nan.
Raya, the cat.
Sadie, the dog.


  1. There is no better way to spend a cold, snowy afternoon! The scene is much the same here :-)

  2. That is a lovely picture - my kind of scene.

  3. I am envious of your woodstove.
    I keep looking in this room to see if I could put one in
    Since vaulted ceiling the chimney would be too high :(

  4. What a great photo! The dog and the cat look so comfy, that I want to join them on the Oriental rug.

  5. Raya has the right front of the stove!

  6. My outdoor scene is quite different, JoAnn. In fact, Mrs Bale is preparing for a visit to talk about the winter so far. :<)

    Cornflower- me, too, which is why I couldn't resist taking a picture. :<)

    Trish- ah yes!

    Ernestine - would a chimney on the outside wall work??

    That rug is pretty hairy from those animals, Carol. I'm not sure you'd like to sit on it. :<)

    Jill - she thinks so. :<)

  7. That does look extremely cozy with the wood stove burning. I bet it's cold at your place, huh?

  8. The most perfect way to spend a wintery day!!

  9. Oh, yeah, Kay. Right now, 9 pm, it is 0!

    Staci - it sure is!

  10. How lovely! Even without the stove, the scene would be very cozy, but the wooden fire simply makes it irresistible!

  11. Love that stove. When I was just out of nursing school I had one just like it in a geodesic dome I was renting in Pomponoosuc Vermont,

  12. It's no wonder you get so much read. I read more when I'm sitting in the Adirondack chairs on the patio when it's warm. It looks like you brought Summer inside. I love the look. I love the wood stove. Right now, I really love the burning wood stove!!!

  13. Wonderful picture, exactly how I would picture a cozy January afternoon in the country.

  14. How lovely Nan, thank you so much for letting us in.

  15. So cosy and inviting, my kind of room. Complete with four footed friends of course.

  16. Librarian, I love the heat of a wood stove. It is different from central heating.

    Betsy, how fun!! We have a bed and table from Pompanoosuc Mills. We bought them ages ago, and they are still in great shape.

    Ernestine, another outside wall? Replace the gas? You've mentioned wanting one other times, and I'm sure you'll find a way if you really want a wood stove! You could talk to the fire dept. folks. They might have some advice for you.

    Webster, they aren't the traditional soft, overstuffed reading chairs, but honestly we like them very much. They are built to support the back just perfectly, it seems to me. I can sit in them longer than I can a softer chair.

    Alex, not everyone has a wood stove so much anymore, but those of us who do are devoted to this heat. There's nothing like it.

    Carole, I wish you really could come in.

    Ah, yes, Andi.

    Cait, they really make it don't they?!

  17. I keep hoping this picture gets larger and larger just like the painting of the Dawn Treader, and I will step inside the frame and have a cup of tea with you.

  18. Of course the cat gets the best, warmest spot. It looks perfectly cozy to me.

  19. I love your house! So cozy and inviting. I like those shelves in the kitchen, too. And, yes! We have the exact same Bose. Is that a humidifier to the right of the Bose? Our kitchen rug has lots of dog hair on it, too. I can never get it completely clean, but Annie loves it (and doesn't care to walk on the vinyl floor -- strange dog!). ;)

  20. I have read a couple of Stewart O'Nan's fiction books (Emily) -- the first I think on your recommendation -- didn't realize he had nonfiction, must look for that book.

    It IS a lovely andvery cozy corner. I wanted to tell you that we used to own the same wrought iron patio set that is in your header. Now I can visit it when we go see one of our sons and dils (the favorite furniture was parceled out when we sold the house.)

  21. I love the way your mind works, Colleen!

    Lisa, she actually didn't stay long. Raya wanders around the house a lot, choosing her various sleeping places. :<)

    Yes, Les, it is a humidifier. We have another in the living room. And I understand Annie's aversion. Sadie doesn't like the spaces of wood floor between rugs. In fact, we've just put another one down in the living room because she's had such a hard time.

    Sallie, he also wrote one with Stephen King on the Red Sox called Faithful. I hope to write about The Circus Fire soon. Not an easy book, but he is such an excellent writer.


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