Thursday, June 8, 2023

Quote du jour/Call The Midwife - Season 12, episode one, last words

 As spoken by Vanessa Redgrave:

"We are more enmeshed in others' lives than we imagine. We are all somebody's memory, someone's joy or their regret. We are the weavers of each other's cloth, the keepers of our fellow travelers in time. 

Change is not a threat. It is a chance, and if we embrace it, we can begin again."

I wanted to put up a picture of Vanessa but wasn't sure about rights, so I decided not to. If you go here, you may see a very recent one.


  1. So true. I think that too many folks my age see every change as a threat, be they in personal relationships or in the overall world we all share. I have that tendency myself at times, but it's something I'm trying to be more aware of these days.

    1. It really is a beautiful sentiment. Change and chance are the same words except for the "g" and "c"!


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