Thursday, February 9, 2023

What I Learned From TV - February 9

 An explanation here.

"90% of onions are consumed in their country of origin. There's hardly any international trade in onions." 
Lance Stater in Detectorists 

"The sense of smell is the only sense that is fully formed in the fetus. And it's your most dominant sense until you're about ten years old, when your vision takes over."
Gardeners' World - an almost blind woman who works with trees said this

"When Coleridge's infant son was dreaming, he'd show him the moon." [I think meaning, having a bad dream]
Peter Pascoe in Dalziel and Pascoe

"Focusing on me is why I started gardening. My shrink says it's a way to tune everybody out and hear the universe. I know it sounds "hippie" but doesn't that sound nice? Hearing the universe."
A woman patient in New Amsterdam

"There are those who would say that a life devoted to food - cooking it, eating it, writing about it, even dreaming about it is a frivolous life, an indulgent life. I would disagree. If we do not care what we eat, we do not care for ourselves, and if we don't care for ourselves how can we care for others?"
An introduction to a book by Hilary Smallwood, a fictional character who writes cookbooks in Pie in the Sky

"I hate telephones. It was much better when people had to do everything by letter."

And that's it for this installment. You really should see all the post-its I have! I am gradually entering them into a beautiful moleskin notebook. And when I do, I pick out some to bring to the blog. And incidentally, we moved the television back into the living room. It is colder, but it seems more fitting in there.


  1. I've started watching New Amsterdam and LOVE it! It's my solo tv viewing program every night.

    1. I think it is just fantastic. Am on the 4th season!

  2. So that explains why we no longer see the Spanish onion-seller who used to pedal his bike through the streets of my childhood. I used to look after a totally blind young man who had an incredible sense of smell - quite often he would announce to the classroom what we were going to have for lunch, though nobody else in the room could detect even the faintest aroma.

  3. I had talked about doing the recording of quotes for years but never had. Every once in a while I'll hear a good one and say, I need to remember that! You've inspired me to get that notebook handy when we watch something.

  4. I was interested in the quotation from Gardeners' World as our 10 year old grandchild is seeing a specialist because she was evidently born with no sense of smell. It's only recently been discovered because until children figure it out in school that their friends can, they have no idea they can't. It is often amazing what you learn from television but I all too often do not write it down and it's gone. Well done, Nan!

    1. Thanks so much for telling me. I can't believe it really. Think of that. I wonder what that means to her in terms of food. Does she eat foods that we might not like the smell of? Just fascinating.

    2. Hi Nan, she and her sister both have always loved "rabbit food", tomatoes, cucumbers and like, as well as fruit. With a little cheese on the plate, oh and dill pickles and capers make their eyes light up. I gave them a huge jar of salted capers from Amazon with their Christmas presents. They have to be prodded to eat any meat except for the little that is in tacos or nachos. And they neither one like chocolate, which makes me doubt they are actually kin to me. But I realized recently that the recent discovery makes perfect sense as I never recall her being very excited about any food. I think I never realized it before because both her parents are so careful and healthy in their diet. No, I can't think right off hand of any stinky food they like. The specialist did recommend tonsils and adenoids out this summer and a CAT scan to rule out any problems. I think just being aware of it will help her cope with it in the future if it continues.


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