Sunday, September 25, 2022

Last stewing of the season


Sorry to go on and on, but I like to keep track of the gardens here on the blog. You may just skip over!

Today I just got around to stewing the tomatoes in the last post. Instead of freezing, I'm going to add a jar of crushed tomatoes, strain both the fresh and the canned, and make sauce for supper. Sad to see the season end, but happy to have some for the winter.


  1. My favorite tomatoes are the little grape sized ones but I do love sauce! It really must seem like recapturing summer when you take things out of the freezer or can and enjoy them.

    1. The first sauce did indeed have a taste of those wonderful tomatoes.

  2. Sounds delish. Our garden in a pot this year produced small tomatoes and not many. We still have some black cherry tomatoes to pick. Hope they are good. Have a good week.

  3. Yummm. We have eaten so many wonderful fresh tomatoes this summer and they're actually still on here in Oregon. (Ours are from the Farm Market, we don't have a garden.) Your sauce looks wonderful.


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