Monday, August 10, 2020

Dennis Waterman - New Tricks Theme EXTENDED


  1. We enjoyed the first two seasons of this show! Not sure if we'll continue, though.

    1. I'm a huge fan and unlike some people I love all the casts! It is fun for me to stop by and see them all every year or so.

  2. I've always thought exactly as you do, that it was plagiarism. I also think one of Fleetwood Mac's (?) songs is a dead steal from Paul Simon's Kodachrome. Given Paul's touchiness, I'm surprised he did nothing about it.

    Quite apart from how much I love Bob Dylan, I just love the Travelling Wilburys: a bunch of friends doing what they like best, just jamming together. They always look happy in their videos. Sad that three are dead and oh dear, the poignancy of the empty rocking chair in that clip!

    1. You did read what John wrote on the post below (which should have been above - I'll work on that in future!)? I was amazed, amazed. He knows a lot about music, and of course, that it the answer.
      What FM song do you mean? I want to go listen.
      Yes, it is achingly sad. Sometimes I just can't bear how many are gone.
      And, thinking you may come back to read this - Oh, I am watching the BEST show about Sandy Denny. You probably saw it on some station over there, but here it is on Amazon Prime. I am learning SO much. And am going to begin reading the Electric Eden book. Have we talked about this in the past? And
      I am so drawn to this music - this period.

    2. Where is John?

      The FM song (if it is them) is driving me mad; I can hear it in my head and just can't think what it's called.

      Thanks for the Sandy Denny tip. Honestly, there is nothing to watch (apart from Gardeners' World and University Challenge), unless I stream or watch a DVD. Yesterday it was The Beiderbecke Affair, which I love. James Bolam!

      I have read Electric Eden. I think I gave it to my daughter, who loves sixties music.

    3. Maybe leave a comment on his blog and ask because he prob won't come back to this thread!!
      I own the last Beiderbecke dvd, but just last week ordered the whole set! I am a huge fan of that man, as well.
      I have almost too much to watch. hahaha I wonder if you by any chance on the English Amazon Prime have this French series called Origins. We are riveted. Cops and a genealogist work together to solve crimes. Excellent, excellent.

    4. It's OK, I found John's comment today although I couldn't yesterday.

      Thanks for the tip about Origins. I love French films and series, so I'll check to see if I can get it. Did you see A Very Secret Service (Au service de la France)? Absolutely brilliant and very funny. I can't remember if it was on Prime or Netflix.

    5. Ohhhh, I thought you meant where is John when I need him to answer the Fleetwood Mac question. ;<)))

      Will look into AVSS. Thanks.


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