Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Quote du jour/Chris Packham

I know it is summer, but I am not finished with Springwatch yet! In the US, it is shown on BritBox. If you have even the smallest Anglophile bone in you, you will love it, and Acorn.

I just heard Chris Packham say this, and I am amazed, amazed, and knew my readers would be as well.

Scientists at Tel Aviv University in Israel have been looking at the relationship between flowers and bees. They were looking at evening primroses and they found that within 3 minutes of a bee buzzing past a primrose flower, that flower increased the sugar percentage of its nectar by 30%. So the flower was sensing that the bees were there and tempting them with more sugary nectar. They reproduced the sound of buzzing bees and they also used other buzzings which weren't bees and they found that only the bee buzzing produces this response in the flowers. So, fundamentally folks, flowers can hear bees buzzing, and respond to them. Now, I don't know about you but I love that. ... Flowers can hear bees buzzing.

Chris Packham
on Springwatch 2019


  1. You are right. I love this quote. I love the thought of flowers talking to bees. This makes me know that they hear what we say too.

  2. That is wonderful. What an intricate relationship among God's creations. It makes me wonder if plants are so aware, do they object to being eaten; I read that carrots "scream" when pulled from the ground. Anyway the bees and the flowers attracting them is a lovely anecdote.

  3. It is wonderful, in the true sense of the word!
    I've not come across Springwatch or Acorn, but will look them up, they sound like the kind of show I enjoy.

  4. I shared this with a friend who used to be a beekeeper (She will be 80 soon) and she was also amazed and delighted.

  5. I didn't know that! How delightful! And I'm convinced I should get BritBox.


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