Monday, July 22, 2019

Quote du jour/Call the Midwife, last words, last episode of series 8

Again in the perfect voice of Vanessa Redgrave, we hear these words spoken.

Gathered together, we find our light
And each spark shifts and multiplies,
Scattering its radiance on our ordinary lives
Like everything precious, more valuable when shared.
Like every common miracle, made of the stuff of stars.
Let the light shine.
Watch for it falling on each other's faces,
Count the beams, catch them, let them be reflected back,
See the hope, see the promise.
Never hide your fears in silence.
Listen to those you cherish.
Hold them in your arms.
Let them hear your heart.
Tell your truth. Tell your story.
Tell your love.

And oh, what a season/series eight was. I rented the DVD from Netflix, and just finished.

At the end of each season I think, well that was the best, so far. I love this show so very much. I watched the extras, and Miriam Margolies said that she told everyone that she wanted to be in Call the Midwife, and she was! And another treat was seeing one of my favorite British actresses, Annette Crosbie.

When she is on-screen, it is hard to see anyone else. She is so wonderful.

When Call the Midwife finally ends, and I hope it goes on for a decade at least!, I will buy the box set of DVDs, and watch over and over again.


  1. A nice quote. I haven't gotten into this show. A friend of mine watches faithfully. I might watch during the winter sometime.

  2. I think it's one of the best series ever. The depth of feeling is profound. I'm not surprised that you love it too, Nan.

  3. I have not watched Call the Midwife regularly, only caught an episode here or there by chance, but very much liked what I saw. Miranda Hart is an actress I really like, and she was in those few episodes I saw.

  4. I love this program. It shows what television might be, if only it would.

  5. Oh, Nan, do Ken and I ever agree with you about Call the Midwife!!
    I absolutely adore this show, and it's because the people are so caring about others--about their feelings, sensitivities, etc. Caregivers want only the very best for the people they care for. And then there are the caregivers themselves who have their lives and care so much for their families, and their fellow sisters, despite the important disputes that come up. Ken always says, "How are they able to do such a terrific job with this show, season after season?"

  6. I really tried to get into the series the first couple of seasons. I should have liked it, didn't dislike it, maybe I avoided it because of some of the sad episodes that I watched first. And too, Sunday nights when it was on here at 7, I was often still cleaning up the kitchen then so I could finish in time for Masterpiece Theater. Maybe I'll try it again on Netflix, I do love watching episodes one after the other without waiting a week.


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