Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 book facts

I'm not sure anyone but me is interested in such a post! Just the facts about this year's reading.

This year I read 59 books.


Children's: 1 (well, really more than this, but wrote about one, and didn't keep track of the others)
Fiction: 8
Mystery: 42
Nonfiction: 7
Short stories: 1

Kindle: 48
Print: 11

Publication dates

1920s - 1
1930s - 7
1940s - 1
1950s - 4
1960s - 3
1970s - 3
1980s - 4
1990s - 9
2000 through 2010 - 8
2011 through 2019 - 19


Men: 15
Women: 43
By a man and a woman: 1


  1. I think this is interesting Nan. I always think I will keep an account about the books I read but I never do. I am always amazed that anyone can do this.

    1. What I did this year, Lisa, is I kept a monthly tally, and all I had to do today was add up numbers.

  2. Well here I am *again* Nan to tell you... that this year *once again* we have read *exactly* the same number of books. Bang on 59. I'm starting to worry now... ;-)

  3. I love this. I'm a list-maker, but never thought to record my books read. I have a comprehensive list of all my library books and it was helpful when we moved to New Mexico and I had to downsize to the tune of about 300-350 books. Believe me, I bled buckets over this. But, I think I will keep a list of books read in 2017 to share with you next year.

    1. I'm sure it was awful to have to cull your books. I would love to read your list next December! You don't have a blog, right?

  4. See, it's not just you who is interested in your book facts for 2016 :-)
    I am only keeping track of the number of books I've been reading, but it would probably interesting to look at other aspects of my reading, too; such as when the books were published, how many of them were ebooks and so on.

    Already on your previous post I was happy to see my favourite header picture!

    Happy New Year to you and yours, dear Nan.

  5. That's an interesting list, Nan. I keep track of my books (mostly so I can look back and see whether I've already read a book or not), but I've never analyzed the list this way. I think my female versus male writer ratio might even be higher. I may wind up doing this analysis for myself.....

  6. Good for you, Nan. I didn't read as many books this year, but, I do keep a list. (45, for the record, and one I MIGHT finish today).
    I've kept records of books read ever since my Kiddie Lit class in college. It started out as an index file, then graduated to a list on the computer,
    I keep meaning to mention how nice it is to see your Nan's making coffee banner again. I always know it is truly winter when it comes out.
    Happy New Year to you and yours.

    1. You ought to post your list. I'd love to read it! Thank you and I wish the same to you!

  7. Interesting list, Nan. I enjoy reading the lists that readers put together at the end of a year because it's almost like looking at their bookshelves...and I LOVE doing that when I visit the home of an avid reader. I've been keeping a list of books read since February 1970 (not including audiobooks) and for the last ten years I've done a recap similar to the one you posted. It's just part of my reading life now, and I enjoy going back and comparing years to see how my tastes have changed...and how my available reading time varied from year to year. Lots of memories involved.

    1. That's it, exactly. I'm constantly amazed when I read other people's lists to see how many of theirs I haven't read or even heard of!!

  8. I like that you don't read all the newest releases but, always seem to find the oldies but goodies. 2016 was a good year for books.

  9. I keep a list of books read in a notebook and have for quite a few years. I write a brief review, but haven't gone back and analyzed the list as you did here. Sometimes I forget to write down all the books read, but it's fairly complete. Personally I find book lists fascinating. In her later years, my mother kept a list of books read with a few notes about each. I would read her "Book Notes" when I would go home for Christmas to visit (with her permission), and when she died I brought her notebooks home with me. I love seeing her handwriting now and what she thought about each book.

    1. Oh, how very lucky you are to have such a thing. To be able to read in her words and handwriting what she thought of books. I wonder if you might publish it one day. I think that is something that would really appeal to readers. Thanks for telling me this.


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