Tuesday, October 28, 2014

May Reading

I realized that if I want to jot down what I’ve read in 2014, I’d better get going! My May reading was quite, quite wonderful. Because I am so far behind, and because I don’t have as much time to write these days, I am giving short shrift to some wonderful books. If I could I would write whole posts on each book. 

23. Summer Lightning
by PG Wodehouse
fiction 1929
finished 5/6/14

The month began with my favorite writer, Pelham Grenville Wodehouse. I’m wild about the Blandings books. I find Lord Emsworth and Co. to be the most delightful fictional acquaintances. Summer Lightning is the third in the Blandings series, but honestly the PGW books can be picked up anywhere. Lord Emsworth’s younger brother who has quite a checkered past is writing his memoirs. There is fear among all his contemporaries, as they wonder if their own youthful adventures will be in the book. 

24. Disappeared - book 1 in the Inspector Celcius Day series
by Anthony Quinn
mystery 2012
second reading
finished 5/10/14

I decided to reread Disappeared as it had been a while, and I wanted it fresh in my mind as I read the second in the series. I am very interested in the Northern Ireland of the post-troubles. It is clear that those days are not forgotten. They echo and reverberate. Men who were young then are now old, but their fervor and anger are as strong as ever. Such a good book.

25. Border Angels - book 2 in the Inspector Celcius Day series
by Anthony Quinn
mystery 2013
finished 5/14/14

This one, though excellent, was a bit harder for me to read since the subject was the trafficking of young girls from Eastern Europe. You may read a great interview with the author here.

26. Fifty Candles
by Earl Derr Biggers
mystery 1921
finished 5/17/14

I’ve put off reading this for a while because it was the only Biggers book I hadn’t read. I’m so sorry he didn’t live longer to write more. Such a good writer. Though I read it last, this book precedes the Charlie Chan mysteries. 

27. Little Fur Family
by Margaret Wise Brown
children's book 1946
finished 5/19/14

written about here.

28. News From Thrush Green - book 3 in the Thrush Green series
by Miss Read
second or third reading
fiction 1970
finished 5/25/14

I love Miss Read. I love Thrush Green. I love the characters and the stories. Some of my most pleasant times have been in a Miss Read story.

29. Roast Mortem - book 9 in the Coffeehouse Mysteries series
by Cleo Coyle
mystery 2010
finished 5/29/14

Another fun entry in the series. Not my favorite, but only because I don’t like reading about arsonists/fires.


  1. "Summer Lightning" was, I think, the first P.G. Wodehouse book I've ever read; I must have been around 18 at the time and remember how delighted I was to have discovered an author who wrote books with that kind of humour!
    Miss Read and Thrush Green - another fond memory. I have three of Miss Read's "Village" books on my shelf (none of the Thrush Green series) and I think I'll look for some more on the kindle shop.

    1. What a good way to begin! I was way old when I discovered him. Through the tv version. I think, I think I like TG even better than Fairacre.

  2. Thank you especially for the reminder of PG Wodehouse ...it has been too long since I've read him! And I need a laugh...it is my kind of humor. I am just happy that you are still finding time to read ! Thank you for sharing your reviews when you can.

    1. I think that every time I read him. I should read one every month. I'm so happy you read what I write.

  3. I'm glad you are busy having fun! I too love PGW and Miss Read

    1. We've been listening to those wonderful broadcasts you sent. So kind of you.


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