Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Year of Afternoon Gardens - October

It worked out wonderfully today that three dear girls and their babies were here to be in the monthly garden picture! Margaret and Hazel Nina; Estée and Campbell Walker; and Margaret's friend for over 30 years, Ana and Roman Henry. As you might imagine, I was in heaven all afternoon.


  1. Couldn't be a more perfect way to spend a day. Lucky grandma (lucky babies -- even the one you are an honorary grandmother of)

    1. love that 'honorary' - the woman, Ana has been like a second daughter to me most of her life!

  2. Rabbit, rabbit, Nan. It doesn't get much better than this.

  3. How nice! I can just see the three little ones growing up to be friends for life (on top of two of them being cousins) and having fond memories of afternoons in your garden!
    It must still be very warm there, allowing for people walking barefoot, wow!
    Love the lawn mower - we used to have one exactly like that, but painted red and the blades were painted yellow. It made a rattling sort of noise, not the motor roar and stinky fumes that come from motor-driven mowers (which I understand are necessary if someone has a very big lawn, but I still don't like them).

  4. Perfect blooms for the garden! Such a treasure.

  5. I'll bet you had THE BEST DAY! Looks like Hazel Nina is quite the curious little girl, looking at something out in the field in that first photo.


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