Monday, April 21, 2014

Nest by Jorey Hurley

by Jorey Hurley
children's book 2014
finished 4/21/14

Oh, this is wonderful. It is the perfect book for very young children. 

The first page

The robins have such love in their eyes for one another as they begin their life together. 

And on the next two pages, the daddy robin looks out for any danger, while his mate sits on the nest, looking perfectly contented.

and soon

The book goes on in this way with one word, and a picture that spills over both pages. Life continues for the little family through the summer and autumn and winter. It is not without danger, in the forms of a cat and an owl, but with those vigilant parents watching over their baby, the reader knows no harm will be done. There is no better message for a young toddler than to know he or she is completely loved and utterly safe. 

When spring comes again it is the end of the book, and a new beginning for the young robin, and so the circle of life goes on.

Nest is a little masterpiece for the very young. I've given Hazel Nina a copy, and have one for Campbell Walker when he comes into the world. 


  1. A lovely book indeed. You are so right about the importance of that message.

  2. Oh, I do love this one! Wonderful--many thanks for sharing it.

  3. I bought this one for my 2 year old granddaughter -- love this book

  4. There are several new babies in my extended family and this may be the perfect gift. Something they won't outgrow in 2 weeks! ;)

    BTW, my nephew and his wife just had their first baby a few hours ago. We are all giddy with joy!

  5. This looks wonderful! I have a baby gift to buy for a neighbor's first grandchild. As the parents are great readers - bless them! - I had been thinking of some books. This looks perfect for a sweet little girl named Helen Rose. Thanks! In fact, I'm going to go back over some of your recent posts about children's books and pick some more.
    Your grandbaby is a lucky little girl.

    1. Such a nice name, Helen Rose. Not many Helens now. I love it when old names come back. This is a great, great book.

  6. Love the look of this book. The robins have been thrilled as I begin to work in my garden. Worms wriggle to the surface, and as soon as I step away, a robin or two hops in. Darling little opportunists! Things were "iffy" when they first returned this year, because the cold just lingered and I don't know what they could find to eat!

    1. We worked a bit the other day, and afterwards the birds were all over it!


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