Sunday, November 10, 2013

Today's poem by Winifred Welles

Dogs and Weather

I'd like a different dog
For every kind of weather -
A narrow greyhound for a fog,
A wolfhound strange and white,
With a tail like a silver feather
To run with in the night,
When snow is still, and winter stars are bright.

In the fall I'd like to see
In answer to my whistle,
A golden spaniel look at me.
But best of all for rain
A terrier, hairy as a thistle,
To trot with fine disdain
Beside me down the soaked, sweet-smelling lane.

Winifred Welles (1893-1939)

The Best-Loved Poems of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Selected and Introduced by Caroline Kennedy, 2001

Note: I'm publishing this again because when I first posted it, I couldn't use my regular blog font. The comments are gone because I had to delete the first version. I did read them, and I thank you for them.


  1. I have read this poem before. I love it. I wish I could have a pack of dogs too. One for every mood. :)

    1. I had a very happy year and a half when I had four dogs. I felt like the Queen walking around with them. All big dogs, too.

  2. Love your photo headings, as always. This is a great poem, too. We just got a dog--a mutt--so I imagine I have a dog for all seasons--a little bit of this for fall and a little bit of that for winter.

    1. And what a cutie pie Treble is! Our old vet used to call mutts Heinz 57 Varieties. :<)


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