Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Today's poem by Helen Maria Winslow


The yellow goldenrod is dressed
In gala-day attire;
The glowing redweed by the fence
Shines like a crimson fire;

And from the hot field’s farthest edge
The cricket’s soft refrain
With mellow accent tells the tale
That August’s here again.

In shining blue the aster wild
Unfolds her petals fair;
The clematis, upreaching, seeks
To clasp and kiss the air;
The brilliant poppy flaunts her head
Amidst the ripening grain,
And adds her voice to swell the song
That August’s here again. 

The dusty thistle by the road
Scatters a silvery spray;
The sun pours down his scorching beams
Upon the fainting day;
The blackberry vine bends with its weight
Of fruit down in the lane;
And adds its testimony, too,
That August's here again.

The wild hop, from the young elm’s bough,
Sways on the languid breeze,
And here and there the autumn tints
Gleam faintly through the trees.
All Nature helps to swell the song
And chant the same refrain;
July and June have slipped away
And August’s here again.

Helen Maria Winslow (1851-1938)



Though she doesn't mention them, there are lots of apples this year. These will be given to the barn animals.

Also saw brown-eyed Susans, and Margaret and Matthew's ducks!


  1. Love your perfect illustrations for the beautiful poem. Did I already tell you how much I love your header shot? (Definitely worth wayyy more than the original dime purchase price.)

    1. Isn't it just wonderful. I was so pleased to find it.

  2. August sure is here. Today while on our walk at the park I found the first bright red leaves on the ground. It seems that the trees are the first to say that the days are getting shorter.

    1. And we had a fire in the wood stove last night!

  3. Interested to note that your golden road in the USA is not the same plant we call golden rod over here! Never noticed that before, and prefer yours. What's it's "real" name, Nan?

    1. You can read more here:

  4. I love the magazine for your header too and the sweet poem. I think we've had too much rain and cooler summer to notice any autumn tints yet, but it won't be long, will it?

    1. Usually by the middle of the month we see a couple trees turn. And isn't that cover just the best!

  5. This is a beautiful poem. I love how the flowers all seem like characters in a crowd, like people you'd meet on a colorful city street, in a carnival maybe.

    And there's something bittersweet about these lines: "And here and there the autumn tints/Gleam faintly through the trees." Because of the hint of mortality maybe.

  6. A perfect poem for me to read today, with so much of its message starting to surround me here, Nan - and perfect pictures to accompany the poem. There is a subtle change in the air. Actually, not so subtle as we had temperatures in the 50's the other day. Not quite August weather, but, great sleeping weather. I enjoyed this immensely. Thanks for a new poet.

  7. Lovely photos to illustrate this poem, Nan! Our temps have been so lovely in the early evening. Perfect for sitting on the porch, enjoying a cocktail before dinner or ice cream afterwards. I noticed a sugar maple with quite a few red leaves this past week. Lots of gold in the cottonwoods, too. It seems a bit early for fall colors, but I probably say that every August! ;)

    1. Thank you. We took such a nice walk getting those photos. Cottonwoods will forever remind me of the Tammy song. "I hear the cottonwoods whispering above; Tammy, Tammy, Tammy's in love."


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