Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Today's song/Which Will - Nick Drake; sung by Vashti Bunyan

Today would have been Nick Drake's 65th birthday. This is his song Which Will, sung so beautifully by Vashti Bunyan. 

Which will you go for
Which will you love
Which will you choose from
From the stars above 

Which will you answer
Which will you call
Which will you take for
For your one and all

And tell me now
Which will you love the best

Which do you dance for
Which makes you shine
Which will you choose now
If you won't choose mine 

Which will you hope for
Which will it be
Which will you take now
If you won't take me

And tell me now
Which will you love the best.


  1. The birthday was marked on Radio 2's folk programme yesterday evening. Such haunting songs. Poor man; at least he's not forgotten.

  2. He is certainly not forgotten. In fact, a boy who graduated from high school this year shared with Tom a whole bunch of Nick Drake songs. I was so pleased to think that a kid born in the mid-nineties, twenty years after Nick Drake died, was listening to him. Real quality doesn't fade. Thanks for stopping in to tell me. I tried to find a podcast but couldn't.


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