Thursday, July 21, 2011

Quote du jour/Rex Stout

When I rolled out at 8 in the morning, it was tuning up for another hot one. The air coming in at the window made you gasp for more when what you wanted was less.
The character Archie Goodwin in Where There's A Will by Rex Stout

93ยบ F. at almost 5 pm at Windy Poplars Farm


  1. I know you aren't used to this type of weather. I feel for you. Just think though it is hotter here. UGH... Try to stay cool.

  2. Whew! Oh Nan, I hope it cools off a bit for you soon.

    My favorite Nero Wolfe quote isn't weather related, but still seems appropriate, though I can't remember which book it's from:

    "Debt is the envious fingers of the past clutching at the throat of the living present."

    Something to remind myself of, when I want to charge something I don't really need!!

    Canadian Chickadee

  3. Oh yikes! I'm so sorry. We keep seeing in the news how bad it is on the mainland right now. I sure hope things cool down for you all.

  4. Looks like it'll be another hot one today, Nan. We hit 106 a couple of days ago. I was afraid to even check and see what the heat index was!

  5. I didn't realize I would practically quoting Archie when I got up this morning, yesterday too for that matter. :)

  6. Rex Stout's Nero Wolf and Archie Goodwin are among my favorite characters. I'm lucky I inherited all these books from my mother years ago and I just finished a complete re-read, from the beginning...what a delightful trip back in time to an early New York.

  7. I hope you are doing OK with the heat (never mind Archie..think about what it would be like to be Nero Wolf when it was super hot! Yikes!

    Thanks for the reminder of these books, which I used to love...I'm going through Agatha now and finishing Ngaio Marsh and PD James...maybe I'll throw in a few old US mysteries for a change!!

  8. Good one, Nan. Archie is a veritable fountain of quotes. Someone should do a book. :)

    The town thermometer on Main Street today read 107!


  9. Lisa, you are so right. I've just sat in front of a fan, with many other fans going all over the house.

    Canadian Chickadee, great quote!

    Pamela, I'm sure it is much hotter down there!

    Kay, much cooler today, thanks.

    Les, we are back to more normal temps today. I've even shut off some fans and put on a sweatshirt. :<)

    Barbara, that Archie sure got it right!

    Jill, you are so, so lucky. I own very few. I listened to most of the books on audiotape years ago. How I love them.

    Sallie, Wolfe's library/office was probably nice and cool. :<) How I love that house.
    I've not read any NM, and should!

    Yvette, there are a bunch of online sites and I'll bet one of them has collected Archie quotes. :<)

  10. I wanted to cut grass this evening
    thought it would cool down.
    6:00 it was 90 on my deck.

  11. today is day 25 over 100 with no end in sight. No rain either. Try 85 degrees at 7 am. 95 degrees still at 10 pm. Whew! It's crazy in Texas. But I enjoy your blog - it's a refreshing summer breeze. Thanks!

  12. Joanne, I don't think I could bear it. Really. The difference is that there is AC everywhere. Here it is in stores or cars, but rarely in a house. Hence the many, many fans I run during the few hot days we have. We rarely have more than a week a year of such temps.


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