Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Harvest time - garlic and potatoes

We picked the garlic about a week ago and it has been drying on the porch table since then - 24 bulbs. We planted Music Pink hardneck from Seeds of Change.

I'd like to grow more next year. And just yesterday, I pulled the yellowed, old potato plants out of the garden, and found the buried treasure of any vegetable garden! As you may know, potatoes are not only my favorite vegetable, but also my favorite food, period. We haven't planted any for a few years, and it is a treat to have our own, fresh from the garden. These are Dark Red Norlands from Johnny's Seeds.


  1. Your harvest looks delicious. I wish I had the gumption to plant some of these. Do you tie up your garlic in those pretty braids?

  2. Lisa, it couldn't be easier to plant both of these vegetables, honestly. I don't tie them - it is the soft neck garlics that can be tied.I read the following online:

    "The difference between hardneck garlic and softneck garlic:
    Hardnecks grow well in cold climates. They are characterized by a hard woody
    stem. They tend to be hotter in flavor than softnecks. They are more desired by chefs because of their exceptional flavor and large easy to peel cloves. Hardneck garlic have a shorter shelf life than softneck garlic. Softnecks grow well in warmer climates. They are more common and easier to grow than hardneck garlic. Softnecks are typically the garlic that is sold in super markets. They have large outer cloves surrounded by smaller inner cloves. They have a soft stem and are used for braiding garlic. Softneck garlic has a longer shelf life than hardnecks. They are also milder flavor and heat."

  3. Okay, potatoes... there is just NOTHING better than fresh potatoes from the garden. I thought of them as treasure when I first saw them being uncovered in the earth as a child...and I still believe so today. Enjoy!

  4. Wonderful indeed, Ann!

    Pamela, I was thinking that too! Supper tonight!

  5. Perfect combination for dinner! Yum!

  6. Was this a short growing season or is time just passing me by? Seems only yesterday you planted the garlic in one of your wonderful raised beds.

  7. I was a small child when my Grampa Mac first took me to the garden to 'help' dig potatoes. I have loved to dig them ever since.

  8. Looks gorgeous!! Enjoy the fresh food!!

  9. My dad is both a garlic and a spuds lover - and I have inherited that :-)
    He plants his own garlic, and onions of course. At the garden, he has "garlands" of onions and garlic, but I am not sure whether he has planted any spuds this year. At the moment, he is very happy about his tomatos.

  10. Nan - We could be twins as potatoes are my favorite food as well. I'll eat them in any format, even raw. I copied the name of the garlic. I'd like to grow some next year too. I'm glad to see you used Seeds of Change. That is such a great organization. Our son worked for them for a while during college. Very good people.

  11. It looks as if you are getting a good harvest. We used to grow more potatoes and vegetables but are lazy nowadys.

  12. Mmmm...I've never tried to grow potatoes. You could cook both together. Yum.

  13. Two things that will go nicely together, but what? Harvest time already?! This year is going by way too fast.

  14. Oh, what a delicious supper! Mouth watering here!

  15. Jill, it was last fall. :<) Time does fly!

    Morning's Minion, such a treat!

    Staci, you'll find a recipe with both in today's (Sat) post!

    Librarian, four of my favorite foods - potatoes, garlic, onions, tomatoes.

    Margot, raw??! That's neat about your son.

    Ernestine, I think you'll like today's recipe.

    Gunnar, with the newish raised beds we put in, gardening is quite easy.

    Kay, they are easy and fun. (and today's recipe features them both together!)

    J.G., it is fast. And now I'm picking leeks. The tomatoes are still green, though we've gotten one red one.

    Carole, ah yes!


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