Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today's picture/chowin' down

Raya and Soot at the cat chow bowl (which says, 'chat' - French for cat).


  1. Aww, poor little starving things. I can see they rarely see a full bowl.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad you enjoyed the family connections between all our great British actors!
    I've been reading back through your blog - loving your book reviews and recipes.
    We visited the USA in 2004 for our silver wedding anniversary - stayed in Washington [and discovered IHOP] and then went on to Boston and finally Vermont. We LOVED New England - and one day I hope to return!
    Blessings- angela x

  3. Your comment made me smile, Joyce!
    Angela, Thank you for your kind words. What a nice trip you must have had.

  4. Nan, those kitties look like you are starving them-LOL!!! Soot looks just like a cat my oldest daughter had when she in college (Beverly, Mass). Her name is Bella and she still has her.

  5. I LOVE your new header pic. Funnily enough I rearranged a bookshelf at home this morning, the one with all 'old' hardbacks, similar to yours.

  6. Sherri, our Sooty is now 15+ and seems to be having a good old age. I worry because he is so skinny, but he eats well, climbs stairs, wrestles with Raya, and enjoys his catnip so I guess he's doing fine.

    Cait, I'd love to see that shelf - might you put a picture on your blog?

  7. Both cats looked beautiful and so well groomed. Lucky animals, I bet they have a cushy life with you.
    My dear cat died last year, I still get terribly sad at times and miss her presence and funny little ways. She was 17, so I was lucky to have her for so long.


  8. Are they usually so round or is it just that they have a lot of fur? :-)

  9. Carole, any thoughts of a kitten, or maybe an older cat? I have a friend who is homebound with Parkinson's and other problems, and her cat is the light of her life.

    Pamela, thanks! They thought they needed more time on the blog. :<)

    Kay, they do have a lot of fur. Raya is quite round, but Sooty has lost a lot of weight as he's gotten older, but as I wrote in my comment to Sherri, he seems to be doing fine.


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