Monday, June 20, 2022

Blur - To the End (Live at Alexandra Palace 1994)


 I love this song. I've been listening to the Parklife album today, and Blur is one of those bands I so wish I had seen.


  1. Thanks for that - one of the inexplicable holes in my musical world. I know they're good but I've seldom listened to their music.

  2. I "saw" Blur when I was at university in the very early 90s. Except I was, how shall we put it. OK, I was inebriated, and I fell asleep in a corner. What a wasted opportunity! My best friend Emma saw them and Damon's beads broke and her (then) boyfriend picked them up and gave them back to him. And I've transcribed interviews with all of them as a responsible adult with her own career!

    1. You must have been kicking yourself! hahaha Damon should have given them to Emma!
      What is your job that you get to do such a thing?!


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