Sunday, January 31, 2021

January Book Facts

To save myself doing so much work at the end of December, I am really going to try and do the stats each month.

Read 9 books

children's books - 5 

mysteries - 4

Kindle - 6

print - 3

by men - 3

by women - 6

By the years:

1900-1909 - 1

1940s - 2

1950s - 1

1960s - 1

2010-2019 - 1

2020 - 3


  1. Very nice start to the year, Nan. Every avid reader I know, you included, is heavily-weighted towards e-books now. Lots of good reasons, of course, but the pandemic seems to have really accelerated that trend.

    1. That is very, very interesting. Do you think it is because bookstores haven't been as easy to visit? For me, the main reason is that I do the bulk of my reading at bedtime and early morning, and years ago I hurt my shoulder from holding a book! I know - the reader's sport injury. I still can't sleep on that side. Anyhow, it was a true Godsend to me to be able to have a Kindle. And the cost is amazing, and there are SO many old books which I love. But I do want to spend more of my day reading my print books.

  2. Good job Nan. I need to keep stats up to date as it's a pain to try to keep it up if you let it go for a while. You tend to read a lot of older books so I was curious whether they are from your collection of the library?

    1. I buy them, mostly for peanuts!, for the Kindle.

  3. Good idea. Best of luck. I always wish I had done something like this. I am never as detailed as you but I like to keep track of what I read.

    1. Way before blogging existed, I was in some reading groups on the internet. I learned about jotting down book info from people there. There are people who have done this their whole lives, and I wish I had! I do have some print journals from several years ago, but of course I can't easily find what book I go to look for. Still fun though to read through them.

  4. You've gotten off to a good start with your reading and chronicling of books. I'm having some difficulty setting my mind to reading so far this year. It may be because I was out-of-town for a couple weeks, and I'm still getting acclimated to being back at home. I read your other posts about series you are reading, and they sound interesting. I'm not familiar with them.


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